Schiphol Animal Centre is an independent inspection point for horses at Schiphol Airport. Our highly qualified staff members (including an in-house veterinarian) take care of a smooth handling and VIP treatment of Import horses entering the EU.


Opening hours are 24/7 and all activities undertaken are Border Inspection Post Amsterdam Airport certified by 90/426/EEC. We provide full handling of documentation for the NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) and Customs. Since we digitalize most documents, we can guarantee a fast and efficient handling. As a result, the horses don’t have to stay in the jet stalls longer than necessary after a - mostly long haul - flight.


To handle horses in the most comfortable, fast and safe way, from aircraft to Schiphol Animal Centre stables. The wellbeing of the horses is the starting point for all of our activities.”


Phone +31 (0)20 6535 129


E-mail import@sacams.nl  



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