Schiphol Animal Centre has 24 stables in 4 separate units. There is full supervision of both the inspection point and the stables with 24 cameras in total. We unload the horses from the stalls with ramps that are developed with and for Schiphol Animal Centre. These ramps make sure that the horses can leave the stalls in a comfortable and safe way. On top of these stables, we are able to set up additional mobile stables up to 73 in total.


We have adaptable stalls, which is convenient for mares with foals, or for horses that should be stabled together in one large stall. It goes without saying that entry is only permitted to authorized staff. For animal attendants we have a relax room available, where they can have a drink and a small bite to eat.

We work in a clean environment, which meets all of the safety requirements that are needed.


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